Have you heard the expression, “Windows are the eyes to your home?” It simply means that people — including buyers — notice windows when they see your property. So, when preparing your home for sale, pay attention to how your windows look.

Consider the following staging tips:

• Wash your windows. Make them clear and bright. If possible, get the exteriors of your windows cleaned as well.

• Look at your windows as if seeing them for the first time. Is there anything unsightly or distracting that a buyer would notice? If so, make the necessary changes.

• Check that window treatments (curtains, blinds, etc.) enhance the room. If they do the opposite, it’s time for a change!

• Ensure that ample light can get through when curtains or blinds are open. Natural light tends to make a room look more spacious and attractive to buyers.

These are fairly easy tips to implement. But, like most staging techniques, they.