Whether you are sprucing up your property for resale, or simply making the most of your real estate space, organizing a garage area can be a surprisingly simple way to add to a home’s appeal or functionality. Like any room in the house, the most effective makeover starts with removing clutter and getting organized. First, determine the minimum floor area necessary to access your vehicle(s) and power equipment. This will allow you to determine the space available for a work bench, boot rack, tool shelving, storage bins or cabinets.

Next, look for underutilized wall space to install pegboards and broom holders, as well as overhead space for hanging bicycles, rafter racks for scrap lumber or paneling, or suspended netting for lighter items such as tarps, patio cushions, rain gear and sporting goods. If you have exposed stud walls, you can install horizontal blocks to create storage ledges between the verticals. Alternatively, you can span the stud gaps with cable or wood strips and stand taller objects between them. You can also nail empty plastic jar lids (top side up) to the underside of any accessible ledge, cabinet or shelf, then twist the clear jars on for storing loose screws, nails and various hardware accessories.