If you’re thinking about selling your home, you can gain an advantage by anticipating what buyers will want to see. What’s on their wish list? The desires of home buyers are changing rapidly. Beyond the usual request for spacious kitchens and energy efficiency, a few surprising features have emerged as hot-ticket items.

First, not surprisingly, buyers are looking for remote working space. This feature has become integral to modern living. With more people telecommuting, a dedicated home office has soared in popularity. No longer is it just about a desk and chair crammed into a corner; buyers want a comfortable and functional workspace. If you don’t have such a space in your home, be sure to at least point out the potential to set one up. For example, you might have a spacious nook or small bedroom that a buyer could easily convert into a workspace.

Second, buyers are becoming more tech-savvy, which means they’re looking for smart homes. We’re not just talking about a programmable thermostat. Think security systems, smart speakers, lighting controls, even intelligent appliances — all controlled by voice or from a smartphone. If your home has any of these innovations, highlight them in your listing materials. Don’t assume buyers will notice them when they view your home.

Third, a growing trend is the desire for green space. Buyers want a slice of nature where they can relax and recharge. If you don’t have that available at your property, be sure your marketing materials highlight public green spaces in your community. If there’s one close by — especially within walking distance — it will be a strong selling feature for many buyers.

You may not be able to offer all these advantages when you sell. However, the more you align your home with at least some of these desired features, the more buyers will become interested in your listing.