When they are required to provide an online security password, many people simply use the same memorable sequence for all logins. This is a bad idea, because simple pass codes can be easily discovered and duplicated by hackers, who could then access any other sites where the legitimate user has assigned the same code. A good solution that can save time, trouble and anxiety is a password manager app. Once its proprietary software is downloaded on your computer or device, it can help you create a complex and unique password for each website.

Some will save the security code on your device, allowing you to retrieve and apply it without re-keying, while others can recognize the website you are accessing and automatically complete a secure log-in for your initial visit, and recall or rewrite it whenever you return. Some popular apps are available free of charge, but they may have limitations. Those available by subscription offer more features, and often provide a free trial period to attract new subscribers. Before choosing, be sure to check the specifications for compatibility with your device (Apple versus Android) and your preferred browser (Safari versus Chrome).