If your home is becoming difficult to manage, you may want to consider how downsizing might help:
1. More Financial Freedom: Presuming your next home is smaller and more affordable, you’ll have greater ability to address other monetary interests, whether it’s enjoying travel options, helping the kids secure their first home, or establishing an education fund for grandchildren.
2. Less Housework and Maintenance: A smaller household means less upkeep, both inside and outside.
3. Improved Convenience: With a reduced footprint, there are fewer footsteps required to complete a normal range of day-to-day functions – especially if you move from a multi-level home to a bungalow or condo.
4. Increased Options: By carefully shopping for a home that will accommodate any future needs, you’ll have a unique opportunity to plan longterm arrangements for your senior years, potentially enabling you to remain in your own home for an extended period of time.