Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have come to realize that working from home can cause unexpected challenges. Among those are ailments stemming from extended hours on a computer without a proper setup. Medical experts concur, reporting increased physical issues such as chronic neck, shoulder, back and leg pain attributed to poor posture. These ailments can seriously affect livelihoods, especially for those who are self-employed and/ or uninsured for pain management or physiotherapy.

If you need a home-office workstation, don’t ignore your health and well-being. Among the essentials ergonomic experts recommend for your space is a proper office chair on wheels, with seat and armrest height adjustments, plus adequate spine support. Your screen should also be at a prescribed height so that it can be viewed without strain, and your keyboard should be within comfortable reach on an extension – not attached to your screen. Experts also recommend that you get up from your chair and move about on a frequent basis, as well as refocus your eyes away from your screen to a distant wall or object on a regular basis.