Anyone inclined to upgrade a bathroom to bring it into the current decade – or vault it into the future – should consider the many innovative fixtures and functions entering the market these days and in the coming months. Some are designed with pure aesthetic benefits, while others are more practical. For example, the pandemic has sparked a strong trend toward bidet installations, complementing desirable bathroom comforts such as heated floors, towel bars and toilet seats. Other ways to create a spa-like atmosphere could include a shower floor platform made of interlocking teakwood tiles, or a coordinated sight-and-sound show based on mood-enhancing chromotherapy.

Homes with more space might accommodate an open, curb-free shower area and a freestanding drainless bathtub. You might even consider a pre-programmable faucet that responds to voice commands and can draw your bath to a predetermined depth and temperature or a shower that recycles and sterilizes runoff for reuse. For a modern option on toilets, there are low profile “no tank” pod-like toilets or ones that are self-cleaning – replacing a very undesirable household task. If you have time, you may choose to wait as future toilets are being designed to include a biological analysis of each user’s regularity!