While homeowners typically take pride in the appearance of their homes, it’s surprising to see how many neglect their front entrances. They may be doing themselves a great disservice. When “curb appeal” gets its fair share of attention, it can create some significant benefits. To begin with, if you invest a little time and money into your home’s front spaces – from the curb to your front door – you’ll be giving yourself an immediate reward every time you arrive at your very own “home, sweet home”.

Also, given the public nature of any property’s frontage, the impression created by your curb appeal extends to your neighbors and sends a significant message about your membership in the community. In fact, when homeowners decide to invest in their properties’ curb appeal, they have the potential to raise the profile of their neighborhood – and its property values. To improve your home’s curb appeal, consider your landscaping options, and be sure to maintain the condition of your roof, driveway and front door. Although you may spend little time at your home’s entrance way, spending a little more time (and money) could improve more than mere appearances