If you were planning on an out-of-town vacation, one of the things you’d probably do is check the weather. After all, you’d want to know how to prepare. For example, if it’s going to be hot, you’ll want to bring sunscreen. If there will be a few rainy days, you’ll pack raincoats.

What does this have to do with selling your home?

Weather is one factor that influences how well your home shows to prospective buyers. So, it’s wise to pay attention to the local weather forecast in order to prepare your property more effectively.

Say you have a few viewing appointments scheduled for early next week. If the weather reports indicate wet or cold weather, then it’s likely buyers will be wearing the appropriate footwear for those conditions. In that circumstance, you’ll want to ensure you have a good mat in the foyer and a place for those wet shoes and boots.

If the weather is likely to be sunny, you can take advantage of that to stage your home more effectively. For example, you can adjust the window coverings strategically to make the most of the natural light. You could also add potted flowers, which tend to perk up and bloom in the sunshine, creating a pleasant, upbeat atmosphere.

Checking the weather report also lets you know when the sun will set. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget when dusk begins. For example, you might assume it will still be daylight at 6pm when a buyer is due to arrive. If in fact, it’s darker than anticipated, your home may not show as well. You may need to adjust window coverings, lighting, etc. depending on whether it’s daylight or dusk.

As you can see, the weather plays a role in selling your home. So, it pays to check the weather reports regularly.