When you’re prepping your home to be listed, finding a reputable contractor for needed repairs or improvements is essential. That can be a challenge – especially when you’re in a hurry. So, how do you find the best contractor in a pinch? Consider these tips:

1. Tap your network. Ask around. Amongst your neighbors, family, or friends, there’s bound to be someone who can give you a name. Plus, if the contractor comes already recommended, there’s a better chance that you’ll be happy with the work.

2. Use trusted apps. There are many online platforms and apps that offer to connect you, quickly, to a qualified contractor. Many carefully vet contractors before they can be listed, giving you added peace of mind. Be sure to check reviews.

3. Industry professionals. Professionals in the “home” industry often know the best people. Try to get a recommendation from one of them.

And, don’t forget the obvious. Call a contractor you’ve worked with before, even if it was several years ago. Since you’re already a client.