No two buyers are exactly alike. When viewing your home, one may scrutinize the walk-in closet, while another might be more interested in the view out the main windows. But, there are two areas that most buyers spend extra time considering:

1. The foyer view
When buyers walk in the front door, they look around and form an immediate first impression. That impression often lasts. So, when selling your home, ensure the foyer is uncluttered, looks great, and feels spacious. Stand there yourself and then use that vantage point to make improvements.

2. The kitchen
Every buyer spends time in the kitchen. So, be sure that it’s extra clean. Remove unnecessary items from countertops to increase the sense of space. Use a special cleaner to make the sinks and faucet shine.

Pay particular attention to smells. There may be odors lingering in the kitchen that you may no longer notice — but buyers will. To eliminate those, clean the stove and exhaust fan well. Making these areas look great will help sell your home faster.