Seniors may need a bit of coaxing, but reducing their clutter can be a very beneficial experience for them. When approached positively, the rewards of a visually organized household become almost immediately evident, and can have a long-term liberating effect. As an entire generation of homeowners comes to terms with complicated retirement financing, property evaluation and inheritance planning, many are realizing how useful reducing clutter can be in making life simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Sorting, organizing, and decluttering can also open the door for downsizing, which invariably releases funds for leisure, or for creating an annuity that covers expenses for life.

Depending on real estate circumstances, a smaller home may become a viable option that also helps avoid some family complications by dealing with certain property assets and precious heirlooms in advance. Regardless of how these would be appreciated and/or shared by heirs eventually, boomers are realizing that family members probably wouldn’t look forward to sorting household contents accumulated over decades. If you or another family member is considering decisions where downsizing might be helpful, feel free to call for a private chat about options that may open up a whole new range of possibilities.