There are many ways a ceiling can contribute to a room’s overall decor. Sometimes just a simple change from a traditional ceiling color scheme to a dramatic contrasting palette can change the feel of the whole room. While it’s generally accepted that lighter colored ceilings tend to make rooms look bigger, choosing darker, warmer-colors can make the room feel cozier. Consider other ways the “fifth wall” might change a room’s overall effect. For example, you could extend a darker wall color onto a narrow strip around the ceiling’s perimeter to make the walls appear taller. Or, add a pattern to a ceiling by painting, papering, or applying a textured plaster.

Faux wood strips or crown molding are other options to enhance the room, but be sure to research the appropriate size, color and style for your home. Ceiling light fixtures also have a significant decorative effect not only based on style, but also in terms of location, how they hang, and the directions they cast light. You might consider recessed pot lighting for greater headroom, presuming you can access the space overhead for additional wiring. Furthermore, if you are able to determine that there is room above your ceiling, you might even consider literally raising it, although this might require a professional opinion.