Looking for something new or different? A quick search on the internet for new or seasonal products every few months can sometimes reveal interesting items that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here are just a few examples:

Smart lawn sprinkler systems: Various types can attach to your outdoor hose bib or hose to deliver water in a predetermined pattern and schedule, with some able to manage multiple sprinklers through smartphone apps.

Solar-powered outdoor lights: Walkway and garden ambient lighting without hard-wiring has evolved to include a wide range of effects. Now, you can even mimic burning candles or torch lights for a traditional but safe pathway accent.

Removable and/or reusable wallpaper: Choose pre-pasted or peel-and stick wallpaper patterns for a quick and easy décor change on any smooth surface. You can easily apply a colorful facelift to any room from one season to another.

Motorized scrubbing brush kit: Attach the appropriate brush to any standard power drill, and you gain the extra muscle needed to attack stubborn built-up stains that elbow grease alone cannot break down.

Towel warmer: Choose a portable towel rack, a hamper-sized bin, or a unit the size of a microwave oven to heat your towels and wrap yourself in warmth after a bath or shower.