Natural light can make just about any room look its best. However, you need to use the sun’s beams properly.

Too much light streaming through the windows can make a room blindingly bright and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if there’s too little natural light coming in, or none at all, a space can seem constricting or gloomy, even with appropriate light fixtures.

The best way to use natural light to your advantage when selling your home is by testing.

In your living room, for example, experiment with the window coverings or blinds. Determine which configurations make the space seem pleasant and comfortable at particular times of the day. Pay particular attention to times when viewing appointments are more likely, such as weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

The effect you want is a room that looks bright and appealing as a buyer looks around.

Remember to pay attention to contrasts. You don’t want a flood of sunlight dominating one half of a room while the other half is dark. So, when experimenting, you might find that changing the wattage in some lights while cutting back on some of the sunlight creates a better balance for some spaces.