The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus threw almost everyone’s summer vacation plans out the window last summer. Yet, many families made a quick pivot to alternative types of travel or vacationing. One of the most notable shifts came in the form of surging sales and rentals of recreational vehicles, camping equipment and outdoor adventure gear. Although some believe this trend is an indication of a new long-term approach to vacationing, others believe there will be a resurgence in airline travel due to pent-up demand, and a rebound of bookings in “normal” travel accommodations such as hotels and B&B’s.

Regardless of which interests or options prevail this summer and beyond, consumers have learned the need to be careful about ensuring their plans are always well-thought-out and include reliable backup considerations. For example, specific destinations and passenger carriers may unexpectedly change their terms of use, according to public health regulations. This makes cancellation insurance a critical consideration before making advance payments. Also, it’s essential that you read the fine print of any contract that requires a deposit, simply because surprises could leave you without reimbursement under some circumstances.