If you’re planning on selling this fall, or even if you just want to make your home more attractive and comfortable, there are several DIY-friendly projects that can be done in just a weekend or two.

These projects fall into four basic categories:

• Painting • Updating • Fixing • Redecorating

For example, painting the living room is a doable weekend project. It’s amazing to see the impact a fresh coat of paint can make on a room.

Another example is fixing overdue maintenance issues, such as a broken faucet, a malfunctioning light, or a dent in a wall. You may need to hire a professional for some of these repairs. Still, getting them done will be beneficial, especially when you’re selling.

Even minor updates can make a surprisingly big difference.

Consider the visual appeal of upgraded light switch plates, floor registers, and even cabinet knobs.

So, take a look at your home and consider the four main project categories. Ask yourself, “What project can I plan this weekend that will make my home more enjoyable for us – and more attractive to buyers?” Then, get started!