When you’re preparing your house for sale, imagine you’re a buyer and go through your home looking for things you do NOT like. This exercise of identifying your home’s issues, such as a cluttered closet, a small kitchen, or an unattractive ensuite washroom is a helpful way to determine what needs to be done before listing.

You won’t be able to fix some issues, such as a small kitchen, unless you get it renovated. That may not be worth the investment. However, you’ll probably be able to deal with, or even eliminate, most issues.

For example, if you have cluttered closets, that’s a fairly easy fix. Declutter them and either stow items elsewhere or sell them. Sprucing up the ensuite might require more substantial improvements, but probably not to the extent that you might think. You’d be surprised to see how a fresh coat of paint, and new sink, faucets and cabinet hardware can transform a washroom.

The point is to look for reasons a buyer won’t buy your home and see what you can do about them. The more of those “negatives” you can reduce or eliminate, the better your home will show.