Your home is your personal space. You likely have family pictures, mementos, and other items that tell a story and are uniquely yours and your family’s. They bring your home to life and give it that happy “lived in” appeal.

However, when you’re selling your property, buyers want to imagine themselves living in that space, not you. So, those personal items can be distracting. In fact, some buyers might even feel uneasy when viewing certain rooms — such as the bedroom — if they see constant reminders of the people who live there.

The solution, of course, is to depersonalize your home as much as possible.

Stow away the family pictures, sports trophies, diplomas, and even the grocery list on the fridge door. Make each room seem like a model room in a high-end furniture store.

A helpful mindset to be in is to think of your property as a product, rather than “our place.” You want the buyers to feel like they could move right in!