Do you have a work relocation coming up? Are you thinking of purchasing a new home with a fixed closing date? If you’re in either of these circumstances, you might be concerned that your current home won’t sell in time.

That can lead to a lot of stress and nail-biting!

The length of time a home spends sitting on the market depends on a variety of factors including your list price, how well your home shows, the number of active buyers looking for your type of home, and how well your home is marketed and represented.

The good news is, there is plenty that can be done to accelerate the sale of your home. For example, if there aren’t enough buyers seeing your home during the first couple of weeks, additional promotional activities can be added to the marketing program.

Keep in mind, it only takes one qualified buyer with a good offer to get your home sold. So, if your home hasn’t sold quickly, go back and review the fundamentals. Make sure your list price is set right and increase your marketing. There are always ways to make things happen more quickly.